Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jared had one of his first football games and this one was by our
apartment so we went and watched. It was Coopers first football
game. This was only the freshman playing so if it looks like there
is not many people there, there isn't. The man that took this
picture was laughing at me for wanting to take of picture with my baby, but he was really nice about it. Jared is just behind my right shoulder way in the back. It was pretty cold that night, but it was fun!


Pat said...

I love your new post. And I really like watching him eat his rice cereal. What a difference there is now, he eats so much better. Amazing how they learn so quickly. It will be fun to watch this when we are back home and missing hugging and mugging him.

Love ya,

Eric and Kristelle Larsen said...

I personally think it is never to early to introduce a boy to football. And you can never take too many pictures.

sues2u2 said...

Cooper is soooo cute! Of course we loved the whole package!!!!

I tagged you on my blog so come on over & check it out.

skipper said...

I agree with the comment about never taking too many pictures, especially of that darling baby and his darling mommy. I'm not so sure about the football thing, though....